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Tim is the Chair of the Health & Wellbeing Committee at Liberty Specialty Markets (LSM) and Founder of LikeMind, a Mental Health First Aider and a deep advocate of Mental Health in the workplace. Tim’s day to day role is the Head of Project Delivery at LSM.


"It has been through my own experiences of mental health, both a parent and an individual, that inspired me to improve Liberty’s own approach to Mental Health awareness. As a result, I realised the positive difference we could make in the whole Insurance Market by spreading good practice, knowledge, key topics and contacts."

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Alexia is Co-Founder of LikeMind and is proud to have been involved from it's infancy. Alexia's day to day role is Vice President of Claims and Solutions within Swiss Re. She is a Mental Health First Aider and a Trained Child Mental Health Adviser. Alexia has organised various Mental Health seminars in the London Market and is a huge advocate of breaking the stigma of Mental Health in the workplace.

Aside from her day to day role, Alexia is an Official Representative for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and works closely with helping young children facing depression in early years. She is also a Governor of a school in London and helps with the inclusion of Mental Health within the curriculum. 

"I am incredibly proud to have been involved in the creation of LikeMind from its early days. It would be a huge step forward for the London Market to have a central support system to assist us and our peers with this important topic. Especially in recent times, what Mental Health needs is more candour, more of a spotlight and more unashamed conversation. Both from my personal experience and professional journey, I truly believe that this network can make a positive difference to people suffering in silence."

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Natasha has worked in the insurance industry since 2011, is the co-chair of QBE’s Mental Health Network Open Mind and trained Mental Health First Aider.  Natasha’s day to day role is a Commercial Combined Underwriter at QBE.


Natasha’s passion has come from her own experiences with Mental Health as well as those around her.  She continues to break the stigma by not only sharing her personal experiences in the workplace, but also reminding colleagues of the resources available to them both in the UK and Europe.  Being open and honest allows others to know that it’s okay not to be okay.


“I was diagnosed with depression in 2015 at the age of 28. Dealing with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts meant I needed to take back control and focus on what Mental Health meant for me.  At a time when it was still a taboo subject I muddled on through in secret hiding my deepest thoughts from those around me.  To see the business grow in support of Mental Health, especially over the last 5 years, at times can feel positively overwhelming. I’m incredibly proud to be part of LikeMind and work with a fabulous group of dedicated people who want to make sure no one else has to suffer in silence.”



Katarina has been working in the Insurance Industry for nine years and this is where she is  currently leading Holistic Wellbeing strategy and raising awareness about mindfulness, mental health, conscious leadership and Diversity.

Katarina’s passion for Wellbeing comes from her own personal experience when she found effective way how to cope with anxiety that she started to experience shorty after she moved to London Insuance Market.

She is now collaborating and constantly developing with other evolving and open minded people as a female change maker and becoming catalysts of societal transformation.

Katarina’s passion for transformational education and a deep care for Wellbeing of Society are my key drivers in life.

It’s never been more critical for business and leaders to address the mental well-being of their teams head-on. It is time to focus and talk about Mental Health the same way we do about physical health.

I’m honoured to be part of LikeMind and work with a passionate and committed professionals who want to engage collaboration and create a new inspiring space aroud mental health care in the insurance industry.




Jamie is a Catastrophe Risk Manager, Mental Health First Aider, and Inclusion and Diversity Champion at Tokio Marine Kiln. A member of TMK’s Inclusion and Diversity Working Group, Inclusion and Diversity Steering Group, and Mental Wellbeing Networking Group; Jamie is a strong advocate for the importance of mental wellbeing at work.


The insurance industry is one built on relationships, with fundamental principles of resilience and support during crisis. Our industry is one designed to provide for others in their time of need, and is primed to incorporate this principle across our employee wellbeing practises. Jamie believes insurance can become a flagship example of good practise for Mental Health and mental wellbeing, and is driven to facilitate this change through LikeMind. 




Samantha is a Client Executive in the Risk Management practice at Marsh and is a co-chair of the Mental Health @Marsh Colleague Resource Group.  The CRG has been instrumental in the implementation of Mental Health procedures within the business including Mental Health awareness training for managers and MHFAs.  MH @Marsh won the Diversity Award at the British Insurance Awards in 2019. 


Personal experience has made Samantha passionate about opening a dialogue around Mental Health and assisting employers in providing a proactive holistic approach to colleague wellbeing.