It's LikeMind Birthday!

It’s our one year anniversary, come and celebrate with us!

Back in December 2019 six mental health advocates set out to create the first ever market wide mental health network…and what a journey it’s been! With lots of help from creative experts in their field, we spent nearly a year researching, collaborating and putting together our branding and visuals for the official launch on 22nd October 2020.

For those of you new to Like Mind, we encourage open discussions, proactive management, champion best practice, share useful resources and create open events… go check out our website to know more.

Let’s take a look at what we have been up to this last year…

  • LikeMind Launch (October 2020)

  • Guest Speaker Petra Velzeboer

  • Mental Health and the new normal

  • Mental Health and how the Insurance industry is changing

  • Roundtable discussion on what we were encountering

  • Adapt your Company’s Wellbeing plan to the New Normal (December 2020)

  • Guest Speaker Petra Velzeboer

  • How to finish the year strong and prepare for 2021

  • Why a wellbeing plan is a business essential

  • The top three things you need to create a wellbeing plan

  • Proactive vs Reactive Mental Health Intervention (April 2021)

  • Guest Speaker Dr Annemarie O'Connor

  • Take a look at what happens during a session with a clinical psychologist - a preventative well-being session and a clinical treatment session for recovery

  • Explore HelloSelf Wellbeing Plan a living document for you to complete, update and develop, as you develop

  • R;pple - New browser extension aims to help prevent self-harm and suicide (September 2021)

  • Guest Speaker Alice Hendy

  • Sneak preview of new tool R;pple

  • Purpose is to ensure immediate mental health support is presented to individuals following a harmful online search via innovative technology and consisting of a choice of help and resources to prevent self-harm and suicide.

  • Mental Health Roundtable (October 2021)

  • What issues are we currently facing and how are our companies responding to them?

  • What have been our successes and failures in the wellbeing space?

If you missed any of the above, you can find the recordings here as well as lots of company resources and bios from the committee behind Like Mind.

The support from you all has been fantastic and we are excited to step into 2022 with fresh ideas, exciting new events and hopefully a chance to meet some of you face to face.

Stay tuned for our events and plans for 2022!


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