All we need is Minimum Standards for Mental Health

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Get inspired and work with LikeMind’s Minimum Standards for Mental Health

Mental Health is a subject at the top of everyone’s agendas right now. The subject of mental health in the workplace has inspired global discussion with a huge range of views and potential outcomes.

LikeMind is bringing solution to leaders that may be confused about how to react to the growing demand for Mental Health services within Insurance sector. 

Dealing with mental health issues is, in a lot of ways, much harder than dealing with many physical health issues because they are not as visible. In reality, a tiny proportion of the population have the perfect body and, even when they do, there will be blemishes and scars reflecting life’s interactions with that body over the years. We suspect the same is true of human minds. There are unlikely to be too many perfect minds out there and all minds will have some form of scar or blemish reflecting the past.

Our Solution

Our starting point in the creation of our minimum standards is to look at what our industry does and to try and reflect our purpose into those standards. The insurance industry is all about protecting the things we value in life. It is about passing the risk from the insured to the insurer. It is about feeling safe rather than vulnerable. It is also about acting commercially taking into account the risk of doing nothing. If we can treat our employees in the same way that we care for our clients, we are not likely to go far wrong.

Our minimum standards logically must address two situations:

∙ Mental health issues that currently exist within the insurance industry

∙Mental health issues that are likely to present themselves within the insurance industry but could be avoided

We have set out what we believe are the logical Minimum Standards to address current and future mental health issues in the workplace.


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