Are you ready to start 2021 positively?

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We have found that accepting the positives and negatives of challenging 2020 will give you a freedom and energy to move into 2021.

Accepting what you cannot change releases stacked energy from your mind and body.

Forest wildfire

Here is a simple way how you can do it:

  • · Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths

  • · Observe sensations in your body but do not judge them.

  • · Look back in 2020 and witness the situations that were challenging for you.

  • · Observe what feelings come up and where in the body you feel discomfort.

  • · Breath into those places of discomfort until you feel some release.

  • · Take pen and paper and write everything that comes up about what you feel about 2020.

  • · Let it all out onto the paper.

  • · Once ready destroy the pages without reading them.

  • · Celebrate your completion.

Let's start 2021 from scratch!


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