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LikeMind Launch Summary

October 2020

This feedback from the breakout rooms is set out below and highlights all the concerns, issues and positives that were communicated to us. They are ordered from most common at the top to least common at the bottom.

Issues with working from home (isolation, loneliness, need for human interaction, etc)

Greater need for an open culture and leadership from the top on this

Need for mental health training for management/lack of engagement from management

Not wanting to admit to mental health in the workplace

Lack of engagement with mental health first aiders

Too much talk and not enough action from senior management

Need for greater engagement with and by men (2/3 of the launch attendees were female)

Return to work anxieties

Lack of communication from employer on the collective goals and purpose

Lack of a clear mental health plan

Not sure what excellent looks like when it comes to mental health

Would welcome positive tips on promoting good mental health

How to adapt good mental health to continual change and how to keep the momentum going

The need for an independent network of mental health first aiders

The need for greater training and support for mental health first aiders

Employees burning out

General anxiety

No measurement of results in respect to work on mental health

Impact of Lockdown 2

Too much focus on crisis and not enough on prevention and resilience

The need for greater engagement on mental health

The sessions focused a lot on the needs out there at present to be able to promote better Mental Health which resulted in the majority of focus being on negatives. However, there were positives that emerged from the discussions and it is important to note these as well. 


The positives that supporters offered were as follows:

No commuting

More time with children

More time to work on IT skills

The fact that Mental Health is far more on the corporate radar than ever before

The fact that a lot of good action is already taking place