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Sneak preview of new tool R;pple

September 2021


New browser extension aims to help prevent self harm and suicide.

Purpose is to ensure immediate mental health support is presented to individuals following a harmful online search via innovative technology and consisting of a choice of help and resources to prevent self-harm and suicide.


Watch the video below to find out:


Alice’s personal story behind creation of Ripple 

What is exactly Ripple and how does it works

Who is Ripple for

What is Ripple vision

How can Insurance Industry support R;pple launch

How to make companies sit up and listen to real Mental Health concerns?

February 2021

Find out how to make companies sit up and listen to real Mental Health concerns?

Without being just a tick box exercise!

What changes could / should employers make to support the ongoing impact of COVID-19 restrictions?

Proactive vs Reactive Mental Health Intervention

April 2021

Find out what is Clinical Psychology and how does it work to help yourself and those around you. 

Take a look at what happens during a session with a clinical psychologist - a preventative well-being session and a clinical treatment session for recovery.

Explore HelloSelf Wellbeing Plan a living document for you to complete, update and develop, as you develop.

Adapt your Company’s Wellbeing plan to the New Normal

December 2020

Explore how to adapt your company’s wellbeing plan to the new normal.
This is an 30min. action-oriented workshop to get you clear on your company’s next steps.


Here’s what to expect:    

⚡ How to finish the year strong and prepare for 2021 

⚡ Why a wellbeing plan is a business essential  

⚡ The top three things you need to create a wellbeing plan

LikeMind Launch

October 2020

There is no question in our minds that there is a lot of interest, a collective desire to understand the best path to take and a lot of need for support on Mental Health.


Our aim is to help where we can and support the great work that is already going on.


We have had many requests from people who were not able to attend the launch event to be able to watch it.


Please watch the recording of the event.